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Exciting news coming...

Is a pre-announcement announcement a thing? Because that's what this is! There's still some timeline details to work out before I can delve into more detail -- but soon (very soon!) I'll have some big news about Prison Break.

I'm super pumped. Stay tuned -- I'll post more as soon as I can!

THANK YOU readers!

Dear readers,

This is just a THANK YOU to everyone who participated in my "week of deals" - whether you downloaded Prison Break, or bought a copy of Viking Wire Weaving. My personal goal was to make the top 5 best sellers in jewelry, and Viking Wire Weaving hit #4 on the list -- so thank you to everyone who made that possible, and I hope you have a blast learning wire knitting. If you have any questions, of course, I'm happy to answer them if I can -- feel free to post them in the comments, or reach out via Facebook!

Also...I will have some news for my sci-fi readers soon. "Stay tuned!" :-D

Week of deals: Prison Break & Viking Wire Weaving

Good afternoon readers!

I have an exciting announcement -- as a show of appreciation to my readers, this week is going to be a week of Kindle deals. On Monday and Tuesday, the deal is a freebie: Prison Break will be available for free.

Then on Thursday, Viking Wire Weaving will be part of a Kindle Countdown deal in both the UK and US markets - starting at .99 £ in the UK and $1.99 in the US

If you're interested in learning Trichinopoly chainwork, this is a great opportunity to pick up the book.

And, finally, thank you, as always for your support!

Butterflies & milkweed

So this has nothing to do with my writing - except that being outside and seeing the beauties of nature is fuel for my brain!

My free time lately has gone to yard work in one form or another, but - while I'm burnt crispy lol - I'm kind of loving it. I've set aside a part of my yard as a monarch butterfly's planted over with milkweed, and it looks and smells awesome. Best of all, it is a bee, butterfly and bird haven. I've seen a tiny hummingbird flitting around out there, and tons of monarchs! A few shots:

Alas, the hummingbird moves too quick for me to get a picture -- so far. One of these days! :-)