Cover reveal: Flesh Eaters

Happy release day, readers! To celebrate the release ofUprising, I'm excited to reveal the cover for Shadow of Mitrak: Flesh Eaters.

Their mission: Search and Destroy.
Their target: Classified.
Their location: Classified.
The empire’s finest are gathered for a clandestine mission on a ruined planet. Their orders are sealed until they reach orbit. The stakes are higher than they realized, and the enemy will do anything to stop them. They’ll be lucky to survive. It’s going to take a miracle to succeed.

Flesh Eaters releases April 5th in ebook and paperback (with an audiobook version to follow). It is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Cover reveal: MarvelousCon & Tax Cons

Cover reveal for book three in the Time Travelling Taxman series:

MarvelousCon & Tax Cons

Available April 19, available for pre-order here

A routine tax audit. A panicked phone call. A senseless tragedy.He could have avoided it all. But Alfred Favero, Senior Analyst with the IRS, didn’t. To save the woman he loves, he must rewind time itself to learn the secrets that will claim her life.

But fate isn’t done with him yet. To get to the truth, he must go undercover to a comic book convention. In costume, no less.
The stakes couldn’t be higher. But Alfred is determined that his most challenging case yet will not be his last – because he’ll be darned if he’s going to die wearing pointy ears and face paint…

Cover reveal: UFOs & Unpaid Taxes

As you know, T-Rexes & Tax Lawreleases next week. Well, book two is written, and I'm excited to be able to reveal the cover!

UFOs & Unpaid TaxesReleasing March 15th 

A routine tax fraud investigation. A trip down the Extraterrestrial Highway. A chance encounter with a mysterious visitor from outer space.He should have left it there. But Alfred Favero, Senior Analyst with the IRS, couldn’t.

Now he’s suspended from work and on the run from shadowy government agents as he tries to protect an ambassador from another world. Meanwhile, an old friend is taking advantage of his absence to woo his sweetheart. Alfred’s life is falling apart.

And things are only about to get stranger…

UFOs & Unpaid Taxes can be pre-ordered here

Cover reveal: T-Rexes & Tax Law

Dear readers,

It's one of my favorite times: cover reveal time! Coming February 15th: T-Rexes & Tax Law, book one of The Time Travelling Taxman Series.

A routine tax fraud investigation. A strange lab. A mysterious button.

He shouldn’t have pushed the button. But Alfred Favero, senior analyst with the IRS, pushed the button. And now he’s 67 million years in the past, stranded out of time with a coworker who hates him and a bunch of tax cheats.

Oh, and then there’s the other inhabitants of his prehistoric home: the dinosaurs that want to make a meal of him. Things couldn’t get worse.

Until a mysterious visitor from an uncertain future shows up with murder on his mind…

It releases February 15th, is available for pre-order here, and the audiobook version is in the works as well!

Cover designed by the amazing May Dawney

Catalyst now on audiobook!

Catalyst is now on audiobook, available from Audible, Amazon and iTunes, narrated by Megan Green.

Check it out here!

What's in the works for 2019?

So I've done a few cover reveals lately, and have more queued for the coming weeks...but I thought it would be nice to get a post together to talk about what's coming up. I have four series in the works, all of them with releases either ongoing or within the next few months.

Tribari Freedom Chronicles

A world of absolute want and gaudy excess, nothing is done in half measures in the Tribari empire. When a push for reform is met with brutal crackdowns, a disparate cast of citizens - miners and prisoners, contributors and military personnel - are caught up in a deadly game of survival, with far more than their lives on the line.

A dystopian science fiction series, starting with the novelette Catalyst - available tomorrow. The follow up novel Uprising is available for preorder. Another novel, tying the first two together, is in progress. Darker than some of my other work, but I really love this series. It deals with so many complex themes and characters, and fun sci-fi elements (y…

Cover reveal: Uprising

Last month, I revealed the cover forCatalyst (out next week), a novelette and the first installment in the Tribari Freedom Chronicles series. I'm thrilled to announce the second book in the series, Uprising.

Uprising is a standalone novel in the same world.

About Uprising:

A daughter of Grand Contributors. The wife of a reformer. A woman caught between worlds.

Nikia Idan  was raised in the glimmering spheres of society’s elite, but she traded it all for the love of a man who wants to change the Tribari empire. Her new reality is harsher than she ever imagined it could be.

When her husband’s push for reform is met with brutal violence, her worlds will collide with a force that will either break her – or the system that brought her to the point of breaking.

Release date: March 1st. Preorder link coming soon. Uprisingavailable on Amazon.