What's in the works for 2019?

So I've done a few cover reveals lately, and have more queued for the coming weeks...but I thought it would be nice to get a post together to talk about what's coming up. I have four series in the works, all of them with releases either ongoing or within the next few months.

Tribari Freedom Chronicles

A world of absolute want and gaudy excess, nothing is done in half measures in the Tribari empire. When a push for reform is met with brutal crackdowns, a disparate cast of citizens - miners and prisoners, contributors and military personnel - are caught up in a deadly game of survival, with far more than their lives on the line.

A dystopian science fiction series, starting with the novelette Catalyst - available tomorrow. The follow up novel Uprising is available for preorder. Another novel, tying the first two together, is in progress. Darker than some of my other work, but I really love this series. It deals with so many complex themes and characters, and fun sci-fi elements (yes, fun!).

Time Travelling Taxman
A time travel science fiction series, featuring a quirky protagonist with a soft spot for peanut butter cookies and a drive to enforce the tax code. Three novels written (more planned). Titles & cover reveals coming soon. Humor, adventure, dinosaurs, and aliens. If you love reading this series half as much as I did writing it, you're going to have a blast!

Shadow of Mitrak
Military sci-fi collaboration with Sarah and Judah Ford. The novella is complete, and the cover and full title will be revealed soon. More books planned, but no timetable for them. This was a fun one to write, which sounds weird, as it was a little grittier and darker than most of my other series. But it was a fun to collaborate on, and I really love how it came out.

Black Flag
Space opera. And, full disclosure, I'm very much in love with this series. I really love them all, but this has all my favorite things: robots, space travel, badass, tougher-than-nails leading ladies, humor, and lots of heart. (If only I can figure out how to get a dragon in there at some point...)

So be warned, if you mention it, I'm likely to talk your ear off for hours.

I'm editing the first book now, and will start on the second as soon as I'm done with my current WIP. Cover reveal will probably be some time mid-February.

Recap: I promised I would have a lot in the new year, and that's a preview of what's in store for the first half or so of the year. More projects in the works (at least one new series, but knowing how rapidly the plot bunnies like to breed, probably more; and more books in these series). I will post follow ups as the year progresses.

Oh, and if you're wondering if you'll be able to get these books on audiobook (you were wondering, right?) …. the answer is, absolutely! I'm working with some incredible talents to make this happen. I will post more as we wrap up.

Thank you as always, dear readers!


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