Discuss the story: changing tides

This blog post is devoted to exploring 'changing tides' facing the characters of Prison Break and the Unholy Trinity series.

What "changing tides"? There are a lot of different forces in the Unholy Trinity series exerting various pulls on the protagonists and other characters. And, of course, there's the ups and downs of life, the "wheel of fortune", that we all experience. But these are exacerbated by the structure of the world, and the extremes that dominate it: extreme wealth and poverty, extreme privilege and want, extreme "justice" and exceptions. When society is so stratified, the ups are much higher and the downs much lower. As Prison Break and later Judas Kiss tell the stories of people far nearer the bottom of society's pecking order than the top, the downs are pretty low.

How low? Imprisonment and death sentence low, for starters.

In the world described, how can the 'tide change' for the protagonists? This is something that we start to see in Prison Break, but that will come into focus more as the series progresses. Individually, they don't have a lot of power. But a few good people working in union together have more power than a lot of good people working on their own. We'll start to see what a few good people working together can really accomplish in Judas Kiss.

Next 'discuss the story' post: who and what are the technotheists? 

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